Writing Resources

Here are some writing and publishing resources I personally have found to be useful.

They are each run by someone else, so please keep in mind I have zero control what
the owners of these sites say or do. If you happen to have a bad experience with
anyone listed here, please let me know and I’ll consider removing the reference.

If there is a site you think should be featured here but isn’t, contact me about that, too!


Getting your novel published:

  • Preditors & Editors – a resource gathering point and warning system for writing scams
  • Miss Snark – no longer updated, but a great info pool on how to query and be heard


Publishing poetry and short literary fiction:


Writing communities:

  • Nashville Writers Meetup Group – the real-world writer’s group I’m a part of
  • Fictionaut – a membership community for advanced short fic and poetry writers
  • Writing.Com – a  networking site for newbie writers looking for very gentle critique (but leaning more toward a paid business model these days, so use your discretion)


Finding ideas and inspiration: