Tracy LucasHi, I’m Tracy!  Pleasure to meet you.

Unofficial bio:

I sell stories, articles, poems, and photos in various places to whomever either bids the highest or sounds the coolest, depending on the day. My taste in projects is pretty eclectic.

At various times over the years, I’ve been a newspaper journalist, copywriter, photographer, magazine editor, radio reporter, book editor, publisher, and graphic designer. I’ve published several books, sold more than two hundred non-fiction articles (and counting), and been lucky enough to find homes for much of my creative work in both print and online literary magazines.

I married somebody cool, had some kids, and thus abandoned my original plans to become a hermitized cat-lady who lives in a cabin in the Smokies. I like weird-colored nail polish, belt out  ’70s songs in the shower, cry at stupid stuff, and laugh inappropriately.


Official bio:

Tracy Lucas is the owner of Four Square Creative, publisher and editor at Smash Cake Press, co-owner of Inkwell Basics (where she and her partner teach blogging, writing, and creative workshops) and she blogs on both writing and life at Tracy Lucas. As a freelancer, she has written and published more than two hundred pieces for print, web, radio, and stage. Her focus is on meeting her clients where they are. She strives to make sure those she works with feel comfortable enough to ask the questions and seek the answers they really need without fear of judgment. Tracy lives near Nashville with her husband and three children, and doesn’t know how to drive past an office supply store without stopping.


Current online hangouts:

My business partner and I teach a myriad of classes here.

I publish and sell these books.

I edit other people’s books here, as my schedule permits. (Note: I am currently not accepting new clients.)

I’m one of the organizers of a 3,000-member, real-world writing group.

My favorite social network these days is Pinterest, and my boards are here.

I tweet here, have a Facebook page here, and use an email address.

My LinkedIn profile has some more specifics, and those are here.

I’m also on Goodreads once in a while.