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The Stories We Do Not Tell

rejoice that our lips
did not permit more stragglers,
more detail, more vulnerability
toward those to whom it does not belong.

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River Song

for the first time,
i don’t want to go anywhere.

i want to stand Here and let
the rushing water flow on its own,
past my toes, over my chilled skin;

let it pull my hair forward over my face,
blind me and pass me by
instead of carrying me along.

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Shaman Song

I dream each night of dark water. Pulsing, swirling, ever approaching, but it does not drown my toes. The threat, but never the reality. Waiting.

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Coming out of the closet.

I never hid what I am, though I’ve played the roles I felt I was supposed to here and there, but I’ve also never just outright owned it. And this morning, I went on the local radio station and told the whole region.

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