Steal This Plot: Grandpa keeps sending psychics…

People always ask writers, “Where do you get your ideas?”

Well, I thought I’d throw some out there. (I have too many anyway.)

So here’s how this works: Anything marked “Steal This Plot” is up for grabs. If one sparks you, write a story with it, a novel, anything you’d like. It’d be nice to mention my name if you use one and get all rich and famous, but these are absolutely here with no strings attached. Take them. Do whatever. That also means if you really like a certain plot, you’d better get on it — someone else could be working on the same thing!

If you use one, feel free to let me know, and I’ll help promote it here or on Facebook if I can. I think it’d be neat to see what you came up with.

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1429822_29319793-lowresWhat if you lost your grandfather, but he just won’t go away?

And what if he’s got an agenda?

Maybe there’s a young woman who was close to her grandpa. Maybe the grandfather’s long deceased. But right as she’s striking out on her own path in a new town, he shows back up. And he’s got a mission: to find her love.

She can’t see him. She’s not into supernatural thinking. In fact, she thinks it’s nonsense.

But tell that to the psychics — the hot, predominantly male psychics (hey, maybe Grandpa misses sometimes, or the message gets intercepted?) — who keep showing up at her door randomly, saying they have a “very important” communication from her dead grandfather?

Maybe they’re false messages — the money is in the safe (it isn’t), I know who killed me (when he died of a heart attack), you’re in grave danger, etc. He just sends them whatever he can to make them move, get up, find her… and hopefully notice that she’s cute.

Does she discover what’s going on?  How? When, at what point?

Does she sigh, give up, and resign herself to a lifetime of mystical visits from strangers?

Does she know what’s going on right away and believe them, but hate it?

Or does she hate it only until that One Certain Person (you can make him up) shows up, and she’s faced with a dilemma — hang onto her logic or hang onto him?

Maybe she’s even engaged already to someone Gramps doesn’t like, and that’s why his attempts suddenly get so urgent. He has to stop the wedding, and sending messages is all he’s got. What, without a body and all. It’s tough out there.

I don’t know.

But if you do, you can write the story.


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