So you want to write a novel

pokrassFor all the dreamers out there, and all of those out there who have seen the realities of the publishing world. This one’s for you.

If you’ve ever encountered a newbie writer with eyes full of stars (or maybe you still are one, and that’s okay, too!), you need to watch this video.

It’s Stephen Hawking meets literary dreams meets Captain Obvious.

Love, love.


By the way, if the video above won’t play for whatever reason,¬†it’s also¬†viewable by clicking here.


2 Responses to “So you want to write a novel”

  1. David says:

    Hi there,

    I wrote the Write a Novel video, and I appreciate your posting it on your blog. So glad you enjoyed it!

    David Kazzie

    • Tracy Lucas says:

      Man, I’m telling you, it rocks. I’ve met so, so, so many of those people.
      Heck, if I’m being honest I’ve even been those people.

      The video’s gone pretty viral, too! Congrats, and that’s some awesome wit you’ve got there.

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