A secret glimpse into the real world of writing

paper-rats-truth-shotToday’s giggles come from writers Kristen Tsetsi and R.J. Keller (aka the Paper Rats) and their awesomesauce Youtube video series “Inside the Writer’s Studio“, which enlightens the public with way more publishing-chick truth than I am comfortable with. (I don’t want anybody to know that stuff. Deny, deny.)

This is how it really is. Unfortunately.

“Raving Reviews” is one of my personal favorites, just the same:



And, by the way, if you’d like to follow them on Facebook, find R.J. Keller here, find Kristen Tsetsi here, and join the Paper Rats tribe here.


2 Responses to “A secret glimpse into the real world of writing”

  1. Nik says:

    I’m going to start sucking up to you more often. Just FYI.

    • Tracy Lucas says:

      Hahaha…. unfortunately, I don’t respond to bribery.
      That is, unless we’re talking cookies.
      Or maybe cheesecake.

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